Every day, our fleet of 30 vehicles delivers medicinal and health products to 400 hospitals and 60 wholesalers warehouses in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Our drivers have been assigned the same routes for several years and therefore know our customers and how they like to work, which helps us keep them satisfied. For some destinations, which do not have unloading bays, our vehicles are equipped with built-in lifts, which facilitate unloading. We know the opening hours of the reception services and take great care to arrive within the required period.

As orders from wholesalers are very large, they are generally delivered using dual temperature semi-trailers. Hospitals are very often supplied using dual temperature light vehicles, which are faster and more suitable for travelling into town centres, where many health centres are located.



- Hospitals & Wholesalers

- Direct to Pharmacy

- Samples delivery

- Sensitive products

- Express GDP