Eurotranspharma Benelux is an integral part of Europe’s leading transport network subsidiary of Eurotranspharma group, which is 100 % dedicated to the GDP transport of health products in Benelux

What are our strengths?

The European Eurotranspharma network / Eurotranspharma Benelux covers Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Slovenia, with a network of 65 regional agencies and 7 computer-controlled hubs, which enables us to serve all the relevant territories as quickly as possible. In total, we use no less than 1,350 vehicles to deliver to our customers, who are distributed across 8 countries. The transition between the different partners is fully transparent for our customers, as our computer systems are interlinked, in order to track shipments until they reach the final recipient.

In the same way, we conduct cross audits, so that company quality systems are based on the same standards.

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